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Standardizing Maintenance, Repair and Operations item data.

About Us

Definio Solutions is a consulting company specialized in Master Data Management and a leader in MRO data transformation, offering a game-changing solution that standardizes vast arrays of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) data.


Industrial companies are struggling with inconsistent spare parts data. The challenge of sifting through years of varied-quality MRO data is no longer overwhelming. We've crafted a tool that significantly automates the manual process of data standardization and enrichment, from the simplest nuts and bolts to intricate bearings and pumps.
With Definio’s harmonization tool, we can process and standardize companies’ MRO data efficiently, ensuring clarity and consistency. We understand that every business has its unique nuances. That's why we assist clients in fine-tuning our output to align with their specific requirements.


Our expertise extends beyond our solution. We're deeply established in the MRO data domain, drawing from a wealth of experience and industry best practices. Our team's profound background includes leadership in significant ICT transformations, ERP renewals, and various data development initiatives.


With Definio, the future of MRO data management is not only clear but also streamlined and precise.

Our Team

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